The Brand

Nang1 aims to be the best nang community in Australia. With headquartered in Sydney, Nang1 team has 1 hour guarantee for orders within Sydney area 24 x 7. We have a variety of brands of different cream chargers including Bestwhip, Freshwhip, ISI pro, Bestwhip PLUS and so on. All you need can be found here. We prefer online payment, cash on delivery is also another option. Enjoy your shopping at Nang1 – Nang delivery Sydney.


To build #1 nang community in Australia, we have a great deal of campaigns to boost our community including points and rewards system, referral system, comments and earn points and so on. Our principle is that for people who are willing to contribute to the community, we guarantee that they have access to nangs with highest quality and lowest price.

Your feedback and contribution is invaluable to us. Any comment on how to improve the community will be awarded points and the best of them will be awarded bonus. Every online transaction will be protected by cutting-edge technology, TLS/SSL. 100% safety guaranteed. FAQ can be found here.

Contact Us

Telephone: +61 0447075769

Monday to Friday: 12am to 12am

Delivery Fee

0km - 5km: $19.99
5km - 10km: $24.99
10km - 20km: $29.99
20km - 30km: $34.99
30km - 40km: $39.99
40km - 50km: $59.99
50km+ : $99.99
Notice: Nang1 distance calculation is based on Google maps. Detail distance can be found on cart and check out page. Tutorial can be found here


Nang1 has points&rewards system. Every $10 you spent on nang1 will be converted into 1 point. When you gain over 50 points, you can generate any coupon with any amount you want(based on your points) with the rate of 5 points = $3 coupon. Have enough points can upgrade your role(level), which offer a discount for a period of time. There are several ways to earn points other than purchasing on Nang1 including write a review, refer friends. Details can be found here.

Nang1 has a strong referral system which will help us build a better community. The referral system is integrated with points and rewards system. Simply sign up an account and refer friends. Each time the friend referred by you place an order on Nang1, you will be rewarded with 3 points. Please don’t forget that each 50 points equals to $30 coupon without minimum spend. The more you refer your friends the more you can earn! Details can be found here.

Nang1 provides roles system. Different roles require different points and of course, different roles will have different discounts for all products on Nang1. So far we provide pawn, rook, bishop and king. Detail information can be found here.

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